Patient Services

In addition to providing evaluations and treatment for many neurological disorders and diseases, our physicians also have the opportunity to offer these specialized services.



This test will give information about the condition of one’s nerves and muscles. An EMG, electromyogram, is a test which helps the physician determine the condition of the nerve through testing the muscle it supplies. This is done through inserting a thin Teflon coated needle into the muscle, serving as an electrode. Individual responses vary, and generally relaxation of the muscles will reduce the discomfort experienced. An NCV, nerve conduction velocity, determines the speed your nerves carry messages. An electrical impulse is administered to a certain point over a nerve. The amount of time it takes the impulse to reach the next point will establish the results. The electrical impulses may cause discomfort, but last less than one second.

MRI Interpretation

The physicians of Neurology, Inc. are experienced in the interpretation of Brain, Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar spine MRIs.  Interpretation helps the physicians diagnose and treat many neurologic conditions.  Patients are asked to bring any previous MRI scans with them to their appointments unless it was done at a local facility such as Boone Hospital or Boone Imaging.

BOTOX and Myobloc are used in the treatment of muscles that do not contract properly. Patients suffering from torticollis, dystonia, and blepharospasm have benefited from the injection of these drugs. Botulinum toxin is used to weaken the nerve and ease the discomfort. The injections need to be repeated as needed, usually every three to six months. Some migraine sufferers have also opted to have the injections, but insurance does not usually cover this service.

VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulators)
The vagus nerve stimulator is a device used in the treatment of severe seizures associated with epilepsy. A neurosurgeon implants the device and Dr. McLaren maintains follow up with the patient by analyzing and reprogramming the stimulator.

Baclofen Pump Refills
For patients with extreme spasticity problems a Baclofen pump may be an option. During the surgery to install the Baclofen device, the catheter is put into the spinal column and a pump is put into the abdomen. Medication is refilled as often as every four weeks and as little as every three months. Janet Samuels provides this service in the office.

Sleep Medicine
Dr. McLaren specializes in sleep medicine. He is the director of the sleep labs of Boone Hospital Center. He offers consultations for Obstruct Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy, Excessive Daytime Somnolence, Restless Leg Syndrome, and many other sleep disorders. Once the consultation is complete, the physician will order an overnight sleep study if appropriate.

Advanced Sleep Labs
A sleep laboratory dedicated to the treatment of sleep breathing disorders in central Missouri. Dr. David McLaren is the medical director.